Sept. 17, 2016: 5th Annual Mississippi Day

Mississippi Day in Albany (Times Union)

​​​Sept. 19, 2015: 4th Annual Mississippi Day

Steps to Albany's Lincoln Park for Mississippi Day (Times Union)

Sept. 13, 2014: 3rd Annual Mississippi Day

Albany, N.Y., celebrates 3rd annual Mississippi Day (Times Union)

Sept.  7, 2013: 2nd Annual Mississippi Day
Mississippi Day menu: Good food, good stories (Times Union)

Sept. 15 , 2012: 1st Annual Mississippi Day
​A serving of Southern soul in Albany (Times Union)

Annual Mississippi Day

Mississippi Day is a annual celebration of the food and culture of Mississippi, and also a chance for the community to learn more about the families who moved to Albany in the early part of the 20th Century to find a better life.  A number of African-American Albany families trace their roots to Mississippi, and many of them still celebrate their heritage and maintain close ties. 

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At the heart of the celebration is African-American families who migrated to Albany began in the 1920s from Shubuta, Tupelo, Waynesboro and other Mississippi communities. They share their back stories and the Southern culture they have retained here. 

They fled racial oppression and traveled north in search of jobs and economic opportunity. They were part of a diaspora of an estimated 6 million blacks from the rural South to the industrial Northeast, Midwest and West between 1915 and 1970. This Great Migration, as it became known, transformed demographics, culture, class structure and race relations of America in profound ways. 

(Quoted from Paul Grondahl)