Mississippi Day

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What It Is?
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The 7th Annual Mississippi Day is going to be

Saturday, September 15th

At the heart of the celebration are African-American families who migrated to Albany beginning in the 1920s, from Shubuta, Tupelo, Waynesboro, and other Mississippi communities. They share their backstories, and the Southern culture they have retained. 

Our brothers and sisters fled racial oppression, and traveled north in search of jobs, and economic opportunity. They were part of a diaspora of an estimated 6 million Blacks from the rural South, to the industrial Northeast, Midwest, and West, between 1915 and 1970. This Great Migration, as it became known, transformed demographics, culture, class structure, and race relations in profound ways. 

​Sept. 9, 2017: 6th Annual Mississippi Day

Black Mississippians-turned-New-Yorkers  reclaim history 

Sept. 17, 2016: 5th Annual Mississippi Day