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​Working to enrich, educate, and empower our community.

The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center, an environmental education organization with an emphasis on urban food security, and the South End community advocacy organization, AVillage..., Inc., in partnership with Hunger Free America, are seeking a full-time VISTA member to advance access to healthy food in Albany's South End neighborhood. 

Job Description:

  • Develop a marketing/educational outreach strategy to attract neighborhood residents to shop at the South End Farmers Market and eat more vegetables; strategize and help implement creative ways to turn the Farmers Market into an attractive event, including partnering with youth theater or musical performances, etc.; increase/improve presence on social media; and assist in improving evaluation metrics to increase program efficacy and project reporting.
  • Improve access to nutritious food options by enhancing awareness of the availability of utilization of benefits at farmers’ markets, including SNAP, WIC and other benefits, and provide nutrition education information and opportunities for low-income members. 


​This self-minded and business oriented individual will operate and manage South End Farmers Market, which is scheduled to take place on Sundays during the growing season.  This outgoing person will organize with farmers, coordinate fruit and vegetable pickups, and conduct outreach to South End residents.  Development and enhancement of the market by recruiting new vendors, volunteers, and children’s activities will be central.  A main goal is to attract new customers by convincing people to shop weekly for fresh produce.  

​The part-time position is for 10-20 hours/week, April-September.

Pay will be $15-$20/hour depending on experience. ​


AVillage is committed to making the South End a better community.
Every dollar of your generous donations supports us to accomplish our mission. 

​AVillage is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 
​All donations are tax deductible.​​


​​The Radix Center’s, Sustainable Agriculture Youth Entrepreneurial Training Program, is an after-school and summer experiential learning youth employment program for high school students that runs from July 5th – August 4th, Monday – Thursday, from 9am -1pm. 

The youth program teaches an appreciation of the urban ecosystem and the interconnections between its various environmental and social components. The concept of environmental justice is introduced and reinforced throughout the five-week summer session. 

The youth program assistant will help with all aspects of the program. 

Pay will be $12-17/ hour, depending upon experience.

The one-year position will start June 19th, 2017. Interested parties should contact Stacy Pettigrew, executive director of the Radix Center, at stacy@radixcenter.org and Tom McPheeters, secretary of AVillage, at tommcp@me.com. We strongly encourage applications be submitted as soon as possible, and no later than April 15th


​This self-motivated individual will plan and coordinate vegetable production in the multiple gardens of coalition non-profit organizations. This production will largely involve engaging and supervising the labor of volunteers, youth, and neighbors.  Strong organizing and people skills are necessary. Experience working with diverse communities and market-production farming are highly desirable.    

While the Garden Coordinator will directly report to the Radix Center, she/he will also work closely with each of the collaborating organizations and the neighbors who have been involved in each garden. 

This position is for 10- 20 hours/week, from April - September. 

Pay will be $15-20/ hour, depending upon experience. ​

Credit Card/PayPal


Send your resume & cover letter for any of these positions to:

  • stacy@radixcenter.org
  • Stacy Pettigrew, 59 Elm St., Albany, NY 12202


  • tommcp@me.com


The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center and AVillage…, Inc. are looking for motivated, dedicated people to fill several part-time positions as part of our work to address the many issues around hunger, health and sustainability in the South End.

Attend Weekly Meetings

Thursdays, 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Capital South Campus Center:  3rd Floor
20 Warren Street, Albany, New York 12202

AVillage Members will share recent activities, open discussion for community issues, and announce events. 

For Community Members, you can come to talk about any community issues you are facing.
AVillage will try our best to work with you. 
For Organizations, you can share your new programs and upcoming events.
We will help you reach to the community, and refer the residents to your organizations.

​Anyone is welcome to attend any of our meetings and just listen to what we are doing.

Job Opportunities


AVillage depends upon the hard work and commitment of our wonderful volunteers.  

We are committed to matching each volunteer to available tasks by their skill sets and interests. 

If you want to take a direct role in improving the South End community, 

please contact AVillage at (518) 451-9849, or avillageworks@gmail.com.

​Thursday Schedule:

Civic Thursday: 

1st Thurs. of the month

Financial Literacy: 

2nd Thurs. of the month

Health Care Revolution: 

3rd Thurs. of the month

Current Opportunities:

Data Entry
Social Media Manager
After School Programs