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​​State cutbacks, recalcitrance hinder Clean Air Act enforcement: ​News article and video about the health issues at Ezra Prentice
Ezra Prentice Health - The Next Stage: ​Meeting held at Ezra Prentice to talk about health concerns from diesel trucks. The EPA came to hear from the residents.
Ezra Prentice Health Survey​
Oil Train Blast Zone Map
People of Albany United for Safe Energy (PAUSE):  In 2012 there were virtually no shipments of oil by rail through the Port of Albany.  Now there are millions of gallons of highly flammable oil being transported on hundreds of rail cars each day.  
​Riverkeeper:  With very little public awareness and no study of environmental impacts, the oil industry has made the Hudson Valley into one arm of a dangerous “virtual pipeline” for crude oil that snakes thousands of miles by rail, barge and ship from oil fields in North Dakota, Canada and elsewhere, to refineries on both coasts.
Break Free Rally - Albany 2016
Lac Megantic Rally/Tribute - Albany 2014

Ezra Prentice Homes is a public housing project situated next to the Port of Albany in the city’s far southern edge and has been officially designated as an Environmental Justice community by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. However, until recently the DEC has been reluctant to address the air pollution issues that plague this community. Through direct observation it was evident that residents of Ezra Prentice suffer from an extremely high level of illnesses that appeared to be related to air pollution. Ezra Prentice is in a highly industrialized area, with many potential sources of air pollution, but the two sources that most clearly impact residents are from the Kenwood rail yards, where oil tanker and other rail cars are parked and switched directly behind Ezra Prentice, and the heavy diesel truck traffic on South Pearl Street.​

Ezra Prentice Community Health Project

​​A Joint project of AVillage…, Inc., and the Radix Center.