Interest in properties owned by the Albany County Land Bank is increasing. Here is the current list of South End properties owned by the land bank, as well as other South End buildings listed by brokers. The Land Bank staff is ready to assist potential buyers in the process of making a bid for a property. Contact them at (518) 407-0309, or visit their website for information on workshops and office hours. 

The Albany County Land Bank

The Albany County Land Bank is running a “special” on vacant lots during the month of June. The Land Bank " Lot for a Little" program is offering 40 of the vacant lots in its Albany inventory to owners of property on the same block, with reduced terms and an expedited process. These are lots that could become somebody’s garden, or enhance the block in other ways. The lots will cost $100 each, and with reduced closing costs, the entire transaction will cost the new owner approximately $700 (as opposed to more than $500 for most purchases, plus closing costs). All transactions in this program will be completed very soon after the June 30th deadline, meaning new owners can get to work this summer beautifying their new piece of Albany.
Details and the address of the lots being offered will be up on the Albany County Land Bank website by May 30th.