The South End Community Gardens represent a leading feature for creating a sustainable & healthy community, as they provide nourishment, exercise, and tranquility. Residents are encouraged to take ownership of these spaces; the collaboration does not set guidelines on what can be grown, or who can use the space.  The use of these gardens is free, and the spaces are open & available for all to enjoy. 


What Is It?

If you're interested in owning your own plot of land for growing purposes, please contact Graycee Ray at 

For quick gardening tips, visit  

The Radix Center.

Community Gardens

Get Involved

  • Our Children's Garden-            43 Catherine St.
  • Creighton Storey Garden-           Hawk Street & 3rd Ave.
  • Permaculture Garden-                    92 Catherine St.
  • Six Blocks Garden-                            Broad St. & Alexander St.
  • Trinity/Emmaus Garden-

​                    15 Trinity Place

  • 48 Alexander Street Garden
  • 121 4th Avenue Garden