Katherine Tune

has volunteered with AVillage since its inception, and is known for her community service. Says founder Willie White: "Kathy was very instrumental in the formation of AVillage, she was a motivating factor to me when I wanted to give up. In the early years of AVillage Kathy helped sustain us with her generous contributions."

Donald S. Pangburn Award

A night to acknowledge all of the advancements we've had in the South End, and to thank all of the people & organizations who've made contributions to our mission.​ We have amazing food, awards, dancing, and much more!!

2018 Recipients of The Celebration of Progress Award

Celebration of Progress

We rely on the generosity of local friends and organizations to fund our day-to-day functions. Please help us in our mission to rebuild the South End. 

What Is It?

Shameka Andrews

advocate for people with disabilities and community leader.

"The South End Cultivators":Cyntheya London, Clara Owens, Annie Smith, Lawrence Eger, JoAnn Morton, Ulysses Bell, and Hector Castellano
These citizens make our neighborhood greener by helping to transform vacant lots into beautiful, useful spaces and community gardens​!