Respect, cooperation, responsibility, and self-improvement. We listen to the needs of the residents; we aggregate their voice; we support them addressing community issues; we empower them to stand up for themselves.
  • Marva Richards

              Chair of the Board

  • Mavis Littlejohn

​               Vice President

  • Tom McPheeters

​​               Secretary

AVillage is a grassroots, non-profit organization.
It was founded in August 2009, with a dedication to developing the South End of Albany, NY.  
​We work hard to create new programs, and hopes, in the South End community and beyond. ​
Tom McPheeters
Executive Committee & Board of Directors
Willie White
Executive Director
  • Derrick Conyers
  • Fatima Hilton
  • Mary Ann Hines
  • Judge Thomas Keefe
  • Hon. Vivian Kornegay
  • Amanda Lester
  • ​Sandra Moses
Our job is to identify the tools needed for change, and then help the community to access them. We carry out the mission and goals by meeting with community members on a regular basis, launching community building events, and collaborating with community partners. We reclaim vacant lots, organize neighborhood clean-ups, work with neighborhood youth, and engage in public issue advocacy.
Grayce Ray​

Urban Sustainability Coordinator

 To improve the quality of life for residents of the South End, by reclaiming the neighborhoods, and by encouraging, engaging, and empowering the communities. 

  • Anesticia Permaul

​              Treasurer

  • Willie White

​               Executive Director

  • Jessica Gorman

​              Governance Committee

 AVillage's Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders, educators, government officials, media, and local residents.
The Board meets every two months, and each member must serve on at least one committee. 

If you are interested in joining our Board, please contact Tom McPheeters at (518) 433-0679.
Marc Johnson
Interim ​Executive Director
Meet Our Staff

"We are about our own diversity, here   in this place, where we all live."

  • Clara Philips
  • Diedre Powe
  • Joe Raggio
  • Jackie Rowe
  • Officer Benjamin Sturges
  • Ketherine Tune

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